Friday 21 Jun 2024


Forest Adventure start's your day's adventure with a briefing before being kitted out with a hard hat and head torch, and full instruction on caving. You will marvel at the underground rock formations and become charged with pride as you beat the underground challenges, you will also discover the fascinating history of the area you are caving in.

You may well go in one cave entrance and exit from another! Your instructors are keen cavers, with a wealth of experience. This is a very rewarding experience with a fantastic sense of achievement, building up your skills during the day and beginners are very welcome on this underground trip of discovery.

The instructors will teach with a flexible attitude geared to the needs of both the group and individual to ensure that you develop at your own level.

Overnight Caving

Anyone with a sense of adventure will love this brilliant multi activity hike after dark.

Let's hope it's one of those eerie moonlit nights when the deer are out in force and stars that you can reach out and touch.

After meeting your instructor, we start with a bracing hike, which includes some navigation tuition. we should find a cave system at around 1.00am.Life inside is a little more 'normal' as darkness is permanent in these fascinating places. Bear in mind that the temperature is constant underground all year round, and this works to your advantage especially in the winter. we sleep till dawn in the peace of the cave system. Refreshed and invigorated, we'll plan our final route back.

We need to be prepared for all weathers, so good waterproofs and walking boots are essential. A good sleeping bag and mat in your rucksack are also essential for your subterranean snooze.

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