Friday 21 Jun 2024

Gorge Walking

Gorge walking suitable from late May to September

One for those that like to get wet!

The gorge we use is situated in the beautiful Clydach gorge near Abergaveny, south Wales only a half hour drive from the Wye valley.

After meeting your instructor we will issue you with all the safety gear needed and head off to the bottom of the gorge. Your group will then have to climb up the mountains riverbed, passing through, up or under such obstacles as the famous 'polo', the 'log jam crawl' and the 'tunnel of doom'. Climbing harnesses will be issued and ropes used to ascend several waterfalls you might even get chance to make a human dam! one thing’s for sure, you WILL GET WET! all very exciting!

How about teaming this activity with an abseil down the historic Clydach viaduct, as either a pre or post gorge walk activity!

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