Saturday 25 May 2024

Symonds Yat Adventure

Forest Adventure provides a fun multi activity day which starts with being issued with harnesses, helmet and head torch.

The Symonds Yat Adventure has something for everyone and is a challenge by choice? You start by abseiling down to the cave where you explore a series of caves at the famous Symonds Yat Rock, where you can take in the beautiful views and drops of the Wye Valley.

Traverse into Bowlers Hole, relax and have lunch. After lunch you have a 60ft abseil to negotiate, also traversing to Blue Spot where you test your skills in climbing, as the only way is up!

Adventure Mission

Forest Adventure begs a question, have you ever been on a walk through the forest that starts with you being kitted out with harness and helmet? If not, you've never been on one which starts with a 100 foot abseil down the Buttress at the Yat!

Fuelled on adrenaline we then navigate with map and compass down to the river and walk along the disused railway line to the Biblins Wire Suspension Bridge, where we cross the River Wye.

Our ramble then takes us onto King Arthur's Cave on the Doward, an ancient dwelling place, and on to the Seven Sisters, a rock outcrop with great views of the Wye Valley, which is classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Forest Adventure can provide any combination of the activities listed for a fun filled adventure day

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